About me…

no makeup me

Hello, I’m Gayle. A wife to my DIY side kick Chris (somewhat unwilling sometimes) Mama to two gorgeous little girls and small business owner.  I run a small studio in Fife, Scotland and we teach people how to up-cycle with our workshop days and craft experiences.

We bought our very first home together in 2012 and after a long search, felt like we may never find a home as we kept getting pipped to the post during bidding. Finally we got a lovely townhouse, but the catch was that it was “half done” or as I like to call it “half way to lovely”  We spent 18 months doing it up and then sold it before moving to Scotland.  Since then we have completely renovated a Victorian cottage and now we are doing up the “wreck” I like to call our 1960s detatched home on the hill.. and naturally, it is “half way to lovely” as we take on one project at a time.

I adore interiors and live and breath it from my pinterest page, to my insta and beyond. I dream about colour swatches and my hubby and I are always dreaming up our next big DIY project to get stuck into.

This blog is a little bit about interiors and styling, a little bit about up-cycling and being creative on a budget. You can achieve high end looks on a moderate budget if you know where to look and you are willing to roll up your sleeves and join the DIY party.

So if your home is “half way to lovely” , join me for tips, tutorials and lots of DIY stories.


Love Gayle xx