Project Mirror

Hello all, sorry for the very late tutorial, but I did promise it this weekend and we are still “just” inside the weekend.   As you know we have been renovating and decorating our new home and since we bashed out and re built our fireplace (that’s a post for another time) I have wanted a large statement mirror for over the mantle.  Now the style I wanted was similar to this little beauty..

mdm mirror

but with a price tag of almost £200 to have her delivered to my door.. I was loving it from afar.  Then I had a brain wave.. what if I could make my own? Couldn’t be too hard right? As soon as I said we could have that mirror but pay way less, hubby was on board and off I went to scour my local B&M’s store

So what you need is x 3 door hanging mirrors. The colour doesn’t matter because armed with some trusty spray paint later on, it can be any colour or style you wish.  I managed to find 3 flexi door mirrors for £5.99 each, an absolute bargain . You can buy the wooden backed ones too.. I just didn’t think it would matter as they will be high on the wall and as they are so light, I can hang with Command 3M strips and save myself bother.

Next I went into Homebase and got a can of black spray paint (just the cheapy brand) and 3 lengths of strip molding, and then I headed off home to get creative.

First of all, if you are gonna spray your mirrors, make sure you paper and tape them off before you start, as scraping spray paint off mirrors is zero fun.  Once you are all taped up.. go to town and coat the whole frame in your chosen colour.  We went for black, but you could go light, dark, copper or other metalic style, rustic or modern.. it’s up to you.

mirror project single taping off

Once they are all sprayed, line up your mirrors to get the full effect so you can see how the size is going to look on your wall.  Ours is pretty large, but we were looking for a big impact statement with this.  You can go for smaller mirrors.. or just choose 1 large square mirror if you wish instead.

mirror project taping off all three

Next you want to cut all your strip molding into pieces which fit the width of each mirrors panels.  Once done, spray them accordingly and get ready to measure and lay.

mirror project dowls

Now how we got the square panes as accurate as possible was to measure the height of each mirror and then minus the width of the strip molding pieces.  This gave us the exact height of x 4 panes within each mirror.  Then we cut 2 pieces of strip molding (seen un painted) and used them as markers to make sure our sprayed molding pieces went on straight and in line..

mirror project gluing rails

We started by setting the marker lengths on the bottom panes first and worked across the width of the mirror to get a straight line all the way across. Once the glue  (glue gun) had set, we move up and did the same again working from left to right.. then again on the top.  This stopped any of the strips moving and messing up the straight lines we were creating.

Finally IF you are smart (not like us) and used wooden backed mirrors, then when you came to put them on the wall, they would sit flush right next to each other, side by side with no gaps.. but because we used the flexi backed mirrors, there was a slight gap between the three mirrors.. NO PROBLEM we thought and whipped out more of the molding strips.  We cut two lengths to match the height of the mirrors, sprayed them black and used a contact adhesive to bash them on down the middle where the three mirrors meet.. and voila, our impact statement mirror was born!!

our window pane mirror

and here it is (above)  we were slightly under £18 for the mirrors, we were £6 for spray paint and £5 odds for molding strips.. so all in all, we spent less than £30

We also used No more Nails – Contact adhesive

A mini glue gun and about 1 stick.

and 3 sets of 3M command strips to hang the mirrors.

Not bad for an afternoons work!

So now you can also make your own statement mirror, big or small, don’t be afraid to just give it a go. Save pennies and get the look for less

Love Gayle. xx

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