Do you wanna build a headboard?

Hello again.. let’s chat about headboards. So these days, anything goes with regards to a head board. You don’t have to stick to the rules.  We recently invested in a divan bed and it was fairly cheap.. about £120 for the base (we already had a gorgeous mattress) BUT.. alas, no headboard came with it and I certainly wasn’t paying a fortune for an upholstered one. I mean, why on earth would you when you can make one yourself for just a few quid and a good solid staple gun?  So here is the low down on our next up-coming project (plus a few headboard ideas too in case this one doesn’t grab you)

So.. I went to a local second hand furniture store and they had this lovely fire surround that just looked all lonely.  It was a bit dull and totally crying out to be used and re-loved, so I bought it for £5 and carted it home..

So you will need.. 1 x fire surround. The bigger the better.. but it’s best to measure the back of your bed length wise and know roughly what kind of size you are looking for..


Now if natural wood is your thing.. you’re done on this front.. maybe it might need a little sand down and re-oil .. OR if like me you want to add colour or create a certain feel or look, you can paint it.  I have chosen to grab the black spray paint and create something in a warm, dark tone…

You will also need a piece of OSB board or MDF for the space inbetweenosb

about 1.5 meters of a fabric you love.  We are going to be using “Emerald Green” velvet.

velvet emerald

now you need some upholstery foam and some batting .. Ebay or a local haberdashery can help with that.   measure your space in between the fire place and this is the area you will be working on.

upholstery foam

upholstery batting

now arm yourself with some good scissors, a sharp knife, a good heavy duty staple gun, staples and some co-ordinating buttons.. upholstery covered buttons.. not the type on your cardigans.

YOU are now ready to make your very own upholstered bed head. Wanna make along with me?  Join me on our next post to see a fab walk through with easy “how to” pics & instructions



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