let’s get ready to rumble..

Meet the wreck. This is our “dream home”   from the second we moved in we were doing things to it to make her livable.  Cleaning was the first order of the day as the level of muck was incredible. It was as if nobody had cleaned her for year. The windows were thick with yellow gunge, the dust was almost at avalanche stage and don’t even get me started on the tiles ..   By day three I had cleaned every inch and then we started.  We ripped up all the flooring downstairs and out came the paint & wallpaper..  I had to make it nice enough to stay in while we made our plan..  newhouse1

We wanted wooden flooring throughout the entire bottom floor of the house, but with the costs being astronomical and the floor space being large, we settled on some gorgeous vinyl with a farmhouse Oak plank effect.  It’s textured and not only looks, but feels like wood.  We covered the hall, living room and down stairs room with it and bought enough to cover the kitchen when we tackled it too.  All in, I think we were about £380 plus fitting and the difference it made straight away to get rid of the dingy carpets.

This was our choice.. Rhino XL Vinyl Flooring- In Oak farmhouse plank.  It gave a warm feel to the house and instantly made everything feel more open.


The next step was to buy gallons of white paint and just make everything light and airy. This has been our longest job to date as we just took it room at a time and worked our way around..  I’m not gonna show you lots of “white rooms” as they didn’t stay this way, but until we had financially recovered from the big move, we just aimed to make it livable.  I cannot recommend enough the “one coat” paints.. they really are life savers. I almost lost the will to live painting our hallway when it was still patchy after 9 coats.. so that day I went out and spent a little more, but saved time and more importantly, my sanity.

At this stage, we had big plans for this place and I was already dreaming of tearing out the “room of doom” otherwise known as the kitchen.  I was literally pouring over pinterest for “kitchen on a budget” ideas and on my next post I am going to tell you how we got a 9k kitchen for roughly 3k

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