Finding the wreck…

December the 7th 2016 was the date we sold our little flat. It had been home to us for 2 lovely years since moving back to Scotland. Victorian in style, we enjoyed high ceilings, beautiful detailing, period features and wonky walls galore. We loved it, but now that we had become a family of four we needed more space. We needed a family house, a forever home so to speak, so the search began.

We began pouring over the usual sites and went to see a few different properties, but with it being the wrong time of year and our buyer wanting into the flat in 4 weeks, we were up against it time wise.  The fact of the matter was that there wasn’t enough on the market in our price range.  We fell in love with one property and were pipped to the post in a bidding war.  The next property we loved went side ways due to the owners previous planning issues.. and by this date, with a newborn in tow, I was pulling my hair out. Monday of that week a new property came up on the site and we nabbed a viewing a.s.a.p.  This was not the type of property we would normally go to see. There were no period features, no features of any kind. We were warned that it had been a rental for a decade and needed some love, so we braced ourselves for the viewing and went in with a positive mind.  In reality, we needed a JCB to demolish it, not a positive mind.  It was beyond depressing. Every wall was a different colour, every room had a different flooring, the kitchen was a green room of doom and the bathroom paid homage to 1982 wonderfully.  I knew then and there we would buy it!

January 27th 2017 was the coldest day on earth.  We were waiting to get the green light from solicitors for the big move. It finally came at 2 pm and we had just 3 hours to move our whole lives from our beautiful flat to this dingy hell hole we were trying to call home.  The move went far from smoothly with our movers calling us “probably their worst packers in a decade” , a newborn crying continuously for a feed, 2 smashed mirrors (is that 14 years bad luck?) and an issue with keys and gaining entry at first. However by 6 pm we were in and surrounded by boxes that filled 4 rooms and every available floor space in the house… and then the fun started.

the next twelve hours saw the boiler break, no heating, no hot water, the oven fall to pieces and shower almost electrocute us.  We were beginning to think we had bought a money pit. I am really glad we spent that first night in the dark as it allowed us not to be freaked out by the level of dirt in the house. So here we were, our new home, a giant 1960s wreck just waiting to be returned to glory…

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